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WSU Vancouver and Clark County Historical Museum collaborate

steve-fountain_114x132Professor Steve Fountain collaborated with the Clark County Historical Museum, the National Park Service (NPS), the Portland Art Museum, and Portland State University to bring a series of public programs to WSU Vancouver in connection to the One November Morning  art exhibit by Cheyenne and Arapaho descendants of the survivors of the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre.

The exhibit is showing at the Clark County Historical Museum from February through May 2016. Using Sand Creek as a touchstone, the artists engage with history, memory, and contemporary justice for indigenous peoples.

The event was a pivotal one in the history of the American West, the U.S. military, and especially for Native Americans. The unprovoked attack on a village flying the American flag and sworn to peace with their white neighbors was a moment that spawned generations of grief, political wrangling, and contrasting accounts of the past.

More information about the artists and exhibit is available at: and Fountain also coordinated a Native American Community Listening Session with Cowlitz and Chinook elders on Nov. 16, 2015.