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Picture of Bailey Inaba

What’s After Graduation – Bailey Inaba

Growing up in a household of teachers, I saw the importance of school. I wanted to inspire, guide, and educate students the same way my mom and grandmother did, yet I wasn’t sure what medium I would be the most effective at. Studying history was never my initial plan when I entered college, but, as I took class after class, I realized the importance and impact of the subject. WSU courses like HIS 300, HIS 469, and CES 440 really enhanced my experience as a student researching but also cemented my global and inclusive approach to teaching. I expect to be using this historical scholarship and interest in contemporary issues in my future. Specifically, I am excited to bring this to my master’s in education program at Wake Forest University that I am starting this summer. I cannot wait to get started and could not have done it without the support, mentorship, and community at WSU.

Please join us in congratulating students who were selected as Outstanding Seniors or received Academic Achievement Awards!

Claudia Jacobo
• Jaden Gabbard
• Shalina Nail
• Fernando Nava
• Tracy Shirer
• Jessica Edwards
• Zachary Ristau
• Emma Hedberg
• Ryan Husby
• William Bradley
• Emma Hedberg
• Bailey Inama
• McKenna Plowman

The department has awarded the following scholarships to support current students pursuing a major or minor in History:

• Asia Program Excellence Award
• Katherine Gilbert Blinn Scholarship in History
• George and Bernadine Converse historical Endowment
• India Research and Scholarship Fund
• William W. Landeen and Claudius O. Johnson Scholarship in History
• Middle East History Research and Scholarship Fund
• Sherman Pettyjohn and Mabel Smith Memorial Fund
• Morris Reed Scholarship in History and Political Science
• Ruth Magnuson Roberts Scholarship in Sociology and History
• Wayne Stanford History Scholarship
• Howard C. Payne Award for Excellence in Research

Thank you to our donors, alumni, and friends for supporting our students with contributions to these scholarship and award funds. Your gifts are deeply appreciated!