Faculty Publications & Awards

Peter Boag published “As Silent as Two Graves: Connecting Genocide and Parricide in Gilded-Age Oregon” in Pacific Northwest Quarterly 114, no. 2 (Spring 2022): 73-91; the book chapter “LGBTQ Civil Rights in Washington State Since 1977: An Unresolved History” in The North American West in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Brenden W. Rensink (University of Nebraska Press, 2022), 305-30; and “Landscape Painters and the Early Years of the Mazamas” in Mazama Bulletin 105, no. 2 (March/April 2023), 10-18.

Ryan Booth was named by Governor Jay Inslee a three-year term with Humanities Washington, a nonprofit organization and the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

L Heidenreich received a 2023 Mother Theodore Guerin Research Travel Grant for their book project Saintly Protest: Women Religious, Religious Women, and the United Farm Worker Movement. They will be using the funds to travel to the Mexican American Studies archive (Our Lady of the Lake University) in San Antonio.

Shawna Herzog won WSU’s 2023 Excellence in Online Teaching Award.

John Finkelberg published the article “Dressing the Part: King Louis-Philippe I, Uniforms, and Fashioning the July Monarchy, 1830-1848” in Dix-Neuf 27 (online 2023). 

Alan Malfavon won a fellowship from the David G. Pollart Center for Arts and Humanities Fellowship for his book project Men of the Leeward Port: Veracruz’s Afro-descendants in the Making of Mexico.

Laurie Mercier published the article “Reaching into the Community to Interpret Labor History: A Museum-Labor-University Collaboration” in The Public Historian 45/1 (Winter 2023): 73–99; and “Oral History with Margaret Butler: Advocate for Workers’ Rights and Jobs with Justice” in Oregon Historical Quarterly 123/1 (Spring 2022): 80-107. She also served as co-curator of the exhibition: “Building Solidarity for 30 Years: Portland Jobs with Justice” at the Oregon Historical Society.

Nik Overtoom published the article “Phriapatius” in Encyclopædia Iranica Online for the Ehsan Yarshater Center for Iranian Studies at Columbia University. He also won a fellowship from WSU’s David G. Pollart Center for Arts and Humanities for his book project The Parthians at War: Combat, Logistics, Reputation, and the First War with Rome.

Sue Peabody won a prestigious and highly competitive National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend for her book project The Failure of the Succès: Anatomy of a Slave Smuggling Voyage.

Jesse Spohnholz published the essay “Constitutional Dynamism and Demographic Diversity in Early Modern Confessional Coexistence: Dutch Reformed Refugees in the Holy Roman Empire, 1554–1596” in Early Modern Toleration: New Approaches, edited by Benjamin J. Kaplan and Jaap Geraerts (Routledge, 2023).

Matthew A. Sutton published the essay “Religious Worldviews” in the Cambridge History of America and the World, Vol. 3, 1900-1945, edited by Brooke L. Blower, Andrew Preston, and Mark P. Bradley (Cambridge University Press, 2022), 429-451. He also published “A New Documentary Exposes the Truth about the Religious Right” in the Washington Post (November 16, 2022) based on the Hulu documentary God Forbid, in which he appeared and served as a consultant.

Charles Weller published the book ‘Pre-Islamic Survivals’ in Muslim Central Asia: Tsarist, Soviet and Post-Soviet Ethnography in World Historical Perspective (Palgrave Macmillan, 2023).