Graduate Student News


Samantha Edgerton.

Samantha Edgerton received the Richard R. and Constance M. Albrecht Scholarship for the 2023-24 academic year.

James Schroeder.

James Schroeder won the College of Arts and Sciences and Center for Arts and Humanities Frank Fraser and Irene Potter Scholarship.

Sreya Mukherjee.

Sreya Mukherjee was selected as one of the winners for the GPSA Excellence Awards, 2022-23 under the category Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Jennifer Moran.

Jennifer Moran’s review of Letras y Limpias: Neocolonial Medicine and Holistic Healing in Mexican American Literatute (Arizona, 2021) was published in Chicana/Latina Studies 22 no.1 (Fall 2022): 164-166.

Victor Moore had his first book review published in the Journal of Caribbean History.

Erin Hvizdak.

Erin Hvizdak presented her paper, “Universalizing Solitude: Parisian Commemoration of a Maroon Woman’s Resistance,” at the meeting of the Western Society for French History in Victoria, BC. This paper grew out of her research in History 571 last spring and developed further over the summer with her travel to Paris.

Kyley Canion-Brewer.

Kyley Canion-Brewer presented her paper, “What Remains? Decolonization in the History of the AfricaMuseum (1897 – 2020),” based on her MA thesis with Professor Raymond Sun, at the French Colonial Historical Society annual meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, on May 14, 2022.

Pamela (Hsinhsuan) Lee.

Pamela (Hsinhsuan) Lee was awarded a Doctoral Fellowship from the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange. She also published her review of Rob Boddice, Humane Professions: The Defence of Experimental Medicine, 1876–1914 in the Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 52, No.4 (Spring 2022): 605-606.

Aaron Jesch.

Aaron Jesch gave a presentation at the Pacific Northwest History Conference held in Tri-Cities, about the Performativity  of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Jesch was also invited to present (and sing) at the Pacific Northwest Labor History Association conference held at the Washington State Historical Society in Tacoma, “Songs and Poems of the Industrial Workers of the World.” Last summer, Jesch received a competitive Sam Fishman Travel Grant from the Walter P. Reuther Library at Wayne State University.


Victor Moore successfully defended his thesis The Style, The Song, and the Celebration: Black Power and the Changing Cultural Dynamics of Trinidad and Tobago, 1969-1973. His committee included Andra Chastain, Lawrence Hatter, Alan Malfavon, and Marlene Gaynair.

Anne Schobelock.

Anne Schobelock successfully defended her thesis “Where Women are News:” Dallas and Houston Feminists’ Periodicals and Activism on the Era, Abortion, and Anti-Rape, 1970-1981. Her committee included Jennifer Thigpen, Robert Bauman, and Matthew Sutton.

Madison Barben.

Madison Barben successfully defended her thesis Between Brethren and Fatherland: German Methodist Relations with Nazi Germany and American Methodism, 1933-1939. Her committee included Raymond Sun, Jesse Spohnholz, and Matthew Sutton.

Daniel Scalberg successfully passed his final examination. His committee included Steven Kale, Raymond Sun, Jesse Spohnholz, Alan Malfavon, and Susan Peabody.

Jessica O’Rourke.

Jennifer Moran’s review
Jessica O’Rourke successfully defended her thesis Newcomers in Latah County, Idaho: A Public History Approach on Cultural Adaptation in the American West, 1871-1921. Her committee included Robert McCoy, Jennifer Thigpen, and Robert Bauman.

Aaron Jesch.

Aaron Jesch successfully defended his dissertation The Industrial Workers of the World and the Performance of Protest. His committee included Laurie Mercier, Ashley Wright, L Heidenreich, and Aaron Goings.

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  • William D. Aiken Memorial Endowment in History
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  • Stan Berry and Sui Family Lifetime Friendship Endowment
  • Frederick and Liselotte Dumin Memorial Scholarship
  • History Scholarship Fund
  • Claudius O. and Mary W. Johnson Scholarship in History
  • LaPorte/Thorson Memorial Endowed Scholarship in History
  • Ray Muse and Herman Deutsch History Scholarship
  • Sherman Pettyjohn and Mabel Smith Memorial Fund
  • Wayne Stanford Scholarship
  • Morris Reed Scholarship in History
  • Edward M. and Margery H. Bennett History Fellowship

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