Alumni Updates

Every year we look forward to sharing the progress of our alumni!

This year we are excited to highlight the accomplishments of alumnus Matthias Baudinet—a 2018 MA graduate.

Matthias’s master’s research focused on Modern European and French history and the title of his thesis was: “The Post World War I Ethnic Purges in Northern Lorraine and the Formation of a Distinct Mosellan Identity, 1918–Present.” He studied under Professor Steven Kale, and his committee consisted of faculty members Ashley Wright, Raymond Sun, and Brigit Farley.

After graduating from WSU, Matthias entered the Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Portland which allowed him to teach full time and earn a master’s degree in teaching. He took summer courses for two years, and took one or two courses during fall and spring semesters as he taught world history, U.S. history, and world religions. He now has his MA in teaching, two years of full-time high school teaching experience, and his teaching license for the State of Washington.

When asked to describe his favorite or most memorable experience as a new teacher, Matthias answered: “My favorite experiences include teaching and guiding high school students towards becoming a well-rounded, informed, and compassionate people. I try to teach my students about history and other academic subjects, but the best experiences are made when students learn life lessons, become more mature persons, and develop traits and personalities that make them into the best versions of themselves—that is what has been so exciting about being a new teacher! Also, being able to utilize my training as a historian at WSU in the classroom!”

Next year Matthias will be teaching advanced placement U.S. history, AP European history, world history, world religions, and French! He will also be the head cross country coach for the high school’s boys’ and girls’ teams; assistant coach for the Track & Field team; and head of the French Club, and he will be leading immersion trips to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. Finally, Matthias is scheduled to serve as the lead moderator for a school trip to Australia and New Zealand in June 2022. When asked if he had any other exciting information to share he said: “I am getting married in August 2020, and hopefully, during Christmas break, I will be able to take my future wife to France to see my family and show her where I come from. I am excited to become more involved in the Yakima area through the local Rotary club, the Knights of Columbus, and local political involvement. I am also looking into continuing my education by earning a graduate certificate in theology through the University of Notre Dame, and eventually I plan on earning a doctorate!”

Congratulations, Matthias, on your engagement and your professional success since your graduation in 2018! We look forward to catching up again soon.