Scholarships and Awards

Noriko Kawamura is awarded the Craft Professorship

Noriko Kawamura.The Department would like to congratulate Dr. Noriko Kawamura who has been selected as the first Arnold M. and Atsuko Craft Professor! Her professorship begins August 16, 2018, and will be available to her through August 15, 2021. The Craft Professorship is intended to assist professors with the funding of scholarly, creative, and instructional activity.

An Arnold M. and Atsuko Craft Professor is expected to teach both undergraduate and graduate courses while sustaining a scholarly program during the professorship. Dr. Kawamura will, indeed, continue in an important role in the department as she looks forward to expanding her research with this wonderful gift!

Raymond Sun receives 2 awards in the spring

Dr. Sun was chosen to receive a summer fellowship from the Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation. During the 2017-18 academic year, he has been developing a digital exhibit of the research he has been exploring that connects the history of Washington State University to World War II.

Separately, Dr. Sun was also awarded the Sahlin Facutly Excellence in Award for Instruction! Dr. Sun specializes in modern German and modern European history, teaching upper-level courses on Nazi Germany and comparative genocide. He won the CAS Mullen Award for Teaching Excellence and is a charter member of the WSU President’s Teaching Academy. He created two new classes based on his research of collective memory, war and society, and Holocaust rescue. He actively engages in public education, speaking to senior Army ROTC cadets on the value of military officers. He published the book Before the Enemy Is Within Our Walls: Catholic Workers in Cologne, 1885-1912: A Social, Cultural and Political History.

Sue Peabody is awarded the Pinkney Prize

Sue Peabody, Meyer Distinguished Professor of History of WSU Vancouver, is this year’s recipient of the Society for French Historical Studies’ David Pinkney Prize for the best book on any aspect of French history by a U.S. or Canadian author in 2017 for her book, Madeleine’s Children: Family, Freedom, Secrets, and Lies in France’s Indian Ocean Colonies (Oxford UP). A short excerpt about the award and selection process follows:

“The Society for French Historical Studies awards the David H. Pinkney Prize to the most distinguished book in French history, published for the first time the preceding year by a citizen of the United States or Canada or by an author with a full-time appointment at an American or Canadian college or university.  Books focusing on any historical period or type of history may be considered, but unpublished or edited works are ineligible.”

Jennifer Schaefer is awarded the 2018 Postdoc Research Grant

Dr. Jennifer Schaefer has been awarded the 2018 RCI Postdoc Research Grant to support work on her book manuscript, Critical Commemorations: Memorializing Rebels, Martyrs, and Heroes in Argentina, 1966-1983. Her current research focuses on cultural articulations of political change in modern Argentina and her in-progress book manuscript analyzes how commemorative practices during and after periods of military repression invoked values of rebellion, martyrdom, and heroism.

Department recognized in celebration of assessment excellence

The Department of History is honored to receive praise from the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning for the success of the general history courses being offered and the success of the Roots of Contemporary Issues UCORE program. History as a whole department was recognized for its high quality learning and assessment practices, while RCI was recognized for its exemplary student-learning assessment system for a UCORE program in partnership with WSU Libraries.

Undergraduate Scholarships

George and Bernadine Converse Historical Endowment

  • Eleanor Albrecht
  • Constance Brunner
  • Dalia Hernandez Farias

Wayne Stanford History Scholarship

  • Nicole Snyder

Claudius O. Johnson Memorial Scholarship in History

  • Lucy Wavra

Middle East History Research and Scholarship Fund

  • Nikolas Massa

Ray Muse History Scholarship

  • Will Heward

Ruth Magnuson Roberts Scholarship in History

  • Maria Castro-Vazquez

Leta Olmstead Smith Scholarship

  • Eleanor Schulz

Winston B. Thorson Memorial Scholarship in History

  • Will Heward
  • Maria Castro-Vazquez

Morris Reed Scholarship in History

  • John Bower

Graduate Fellowships

The Edward and Margery Bennett History Graduate Scholarship

  • James Schroeder

Cooney Family Graduate Fellowship

  • Karl Krotke-Crandall
  • Melanie Reimann

Fredrick Dumin Memorial Scholarship

  • Randal Powell

Claudius O. and Mary W. Johnson Graduate Fellowship

  • Randal Powell
  • Brian Stack

Morris Reed Scholarship

  • Joshua Johnson

Pettyjohn Graduate Research Fellowship

  • Samantha Edgerton
  • JT Menard
  • Melanie Reimann
  • James Schroeder

Wayne Stanford Research Fellowship

  • Karl Krotke-Crandall