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Dr. Boag’s talk, “Alternative Masculinities in the ‘Old West’: Some Stories of Subversion, Resistance, and Acceptance” for LCHS

The Latah County Historical Society is hosting a series of talks exploring some of the myths that are so common about the American West. The series begins on Tuesday, February 19 with WSU History Department professor and Columbia Chair in the History of the American West, Dr. Peter Boag. Dr. Boag’s talk, “Alternative Masculinities in the ‘Old West’: Some Stories of Subversion, Resistance, and Acceptance” shares stories of individuals whose truths subvert common wisdom about the region’s gender stereotypes, whose lives of resistance to societal norms question masculinity and femininity, and whose oft-times acceptance by their communities flies in the face of stereotypes, prejudices, and violence against difference that plagues the region to this day.
The public is invited to join in for this free event on Tuesday, February 19 at 6 p.m. in the Arts Workshop at the 1912 Center (412 East 3rd St, Moscow). Additional dates in the series are March 26, “American Indian Education and Contested Power” with Philip Stevens, and April 16, “Women’s Work in the West” with Katrina Eichner.
For more information, please contact or call (208) 882-1004.

Sanders included in The Nature of Hope: Grassroots Organizing, Environmental Justice, and Political Change

Freshly published by the University Press of Colorado, The Nature of Hope: Grassroots Organizing, Environmental Justice, and Political Change, edited by Char Miller and Jeff Crane, includes contribution from our very own Dr. Jeffrey C. Sanders!

“The Nature of Hope focuses on the dynamics of environmental activism at the local level, examining the environmental and political cultures that emerge in the context of conflict. The book considers how ordinary people have coalesced to demand environmental justice and highlights the powerful role of intersectionality in shaping the on-the-ground dynamics of popular protest and social change.” – University Press of Colorado

Congratulations Dr. Sanders!

2015 PhD graduate Jacki Tyler receives book contract!

Jacki Tyler, PhD 2015 (Boag), who is now assistant professor at Eastern Washington University, recently received a book-contract from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln after a successful peer-review process. She is now working on revisions. The tentative title of her book is The Power of Political Chatter: Settler Colonialism and the Construction of Race, Gender, and Citizenship in Oregon.

Jose Velazquez, history undergrad, attends HICE with department & CAS support!

The department would like to congratulate Jose Velazquez, undergraduate history major, on the successful presentation of his senior research project at the Hawaii International Conference on Education. Jose received funding for his trip from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of History, the Department of Sociology, and the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office!

Jose hopes to eventually work in higher education as an administrator where he can assist students from underprivileged communities in accessing higher education opportunities. Great work Jose!


Daniel Fogt awarded residential research fellowship in Michigan!

We are happy to announce that Daniel Fogt, a PhD candidate in our department, has been awarded a Graduate Student Research Fellowship at the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies, in Grand Rapids Michigan. The fellowship offers a residential fellowship at the center and comes with a stipend to support his research. Fogt’s work will include research relating to his dissertation, tentatively titled “Regulating Marriage and Socio-Religious Boundaries: The Reformation and Acts of Nonconformity in Netherlandish Refugee Communities, 1550-1590.” Congratulations, Daniel!

Dr. Jennifer Binczewski receives Visiting Research Fellowship

We are happy to announce that Jennifer Binczewski (PhD WSU, 2016) has received a Visiting Research Fellowship from Durham University, to complete research from her book manuscript, based on her dissertation “Solitary Sparrows: Widowhood and the Catholic Community in Post-Reformation England, 1570–1620.” She will complete this research in Durham (UK) in this coming summer as she prepares her book manuscript.

Foreign Language 300 counting for Asia Program credit, Sp. 2019

Foreign Language 300 will be focusing around Transnational anime in the Spring of 2019! Transnational Anime explores the development of the commercial Japanese animated film and television industry in the 20th Century. The course focuses on the many transnational, transcultural, and trans-industrial exchanges that took place between animation studios, animators, and audiences in Japan and the United States from the prewar era to the turn of the century, with a particular emphasis on two periods of major industrial change: the 1950s-60s and 1990s.


Reach out to your advisor as soon as possible with questions!

Dr. Weller’s article published in the Eurasian Journal of Religious Studies

Dr. Charles Weller’s article on “Al-Farabi’s World Historical Travels” has been published in the Eurasian Journal of Religious Studies (Habarshi/Vestnik: Dintanu, Vol 15, No 3, 2018: 30-34, Kazakh University Press). It is an expansion of his short plenary address at the 5th International Farabi Forum at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Almaty, Kazakhstan, April 3-4, 2018). Thanks to Professor Nagima Baitenova for her assistance in preparing the article for publication.

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