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History | Current & Recent Dissertations

Dissertations in Progress

Ryan Booth


PhD Candidate, ABD

“Crossed Arrows: The US Indian Scouts, 1866-1947.”

David Bolingbroke

PhD Candidate, ABD

“Atomic Restoration: An Environmental History of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation”

Sam Fleischer

PhD Student

“Twentieth-Century Women’s Olympic Basketball: Gender and Political Crossroads”

Daniel Fogt

Daniel Fogt

PhD Candidate, ABD

“Crossing Borders: Marriage and Gender in Netherlandish Refugee Communities in London and the Rhineland, 1565-1600.”

Taylor Hermsen

PhD Candidate, ABD

Dissertation title to be determined.

Fred Hardyway


PhD Candidate, ABD

“Songhay’s Captives: The Enslavement and Migration of Blacksmiths, Warriors, and Scholars from Songhay to Morocco and Beyond, 1591-1640″

Aaron Jesch

PhD Student

“Charlie Reeve and the Radical Culture of the IWW”

Kevin Kipers

PhD Student

“Switchmen in the American West: Worker Unrest and Radicalism along the Early Twentieth-Century Transcontinental Railroads, 1893-1910”

Daniel Kotin

PhD Candidate, ABD

Title to be determined; topic: “World War memories in Black Nationalist media and culture.”

Karl Krotke-Crandall

PhD Candidate, ABD

“The Holocaust in Russian Life: New Perspectives on Soviet-Jewish Memory”

Hsinshuan (Pamela) Lee

PhD Student

“Empire and Disease Prevention: the British Crown Colonies and Qing China in the Nineteenth Century”

Elisha Madison

PhD Student

“Mapping the Memory of Irish-American Memorials in the Pacific Northwest”

Nicholas Martin

PhD Candidate, ABD

“Speculators in the Original Southwest: Blount, McGillivray, and the Roots of Western Conspiracy”

Randal Powell

PhD Candidate, ABD

“The Day Soon Cometh: Mormons the Apocalypse and the Shaping of a Nation”

Melanie Reimann

PhD Candidate, ABD

“Native Women and Resistance: Western Tribes of the United States and Canada and Their Fight against Assimilation”

Brian Stack

PhD Candidate, ABD

“In Certain Western Areas of the United States: Bestiality, Animals, and Sexuality in the 20th-Century American West”

Recent Alumni Dissertations

Atkins, Gregory: “America’s Theopolis: Boosters, Businesses, and Christian Nonprofits in Colorado Springs, 1871-2000.” (2018)

Binczewski, Jennifer: “Solitary Sparrows: Widowhood and the Catholic Community in Post-Reformation England, 1580-1630.” (2017)

Bond, Trevor: “Why Should We Have to Buy Our Own Things Back? The Struggle Over the Spalding-Allen Collection.” (2017)

Chowdhury, Amitava: “Horizons of Memory: A Global Processual Study of Cultural Memory and Identity of the South Asian Indentured Labor Diaspora in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.” (2008)

Grav, Hans-Petter: “Vesterheim in Red, White, and Blue: The Hyphenated Norweigan-American and Regional Identity in the Pacific Northwest.” (2017)

Herzog, Shawna R.: “Convenient Compromises: A History of Slavery and Abolition in the British East Indies, 1795-1841.” (2013)

Link, Amanda Rae: “Spectors of Empire: Remembrance of the Great War in the Irish Free State, 1914-1937.” (2015)

Maxwell, Mary Jane: “Journeys of Faith and Fortune: Christian Travelers in the Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth-Century dar al-Islam.” (2004)

McCormack, Carey: “Collection and Discovery: Botanical Collection in South and Southeast Asia, 1754-1885.” (2018)

Moreno, Mark: “World at War: Mexican Identities, Insurgents, and the French Occupation, 1862-1867.” (2011)

Perry, Katherine: “Mau Mau in the Metropole: The British Conservation Party and Kenya’s State of Emergency, 1952-1960. (2018)

Rhett, Maryanne: “’Quasi-barbarians’ and ‘Wandering Jews’: The Balfour Declaration in Light of World Events.” (2008)

Rond, Terisa Jeanine: “Altogether Useless’: Women, Crime and the Creation of Unfree Labor for the British Atlantic Colonies, 1660-1783.” (2014)

Selmanovic, Amir: “Self Managed Tuzla: The Development of a Working Class City.” (2015)

Shin, Dong Jo: “Sinicization with Socialist Characteristics: Han Control Over Ethnic Koreans in Northeast China, 1921-1976.” (2018)

Song, Sikang: “Building a Smoking Society: Culture and Ecology of the Tobacco Industry in North China, 1902-1937.” (2017)

Traver, Barbara: “After Kourou: Settlement Schemes in French Guiana in the Age of Enlightenment.” (2011)

Wang, Ai: “City of the River: The Hai River and the Construction of Tianjin, 1897–1948” (2014)

Wemlinger, Cherri: “Making their Voices Heard: Expressions of World Opinion to the League of Nations during the Italo-Ethiopian Dispute (1934-1938).” (2012)

Whelchel, Aaron: “The Schoolmaster is Abroad: The Diffusion of Educational Innovations in the Nineteenth-Century British Empire.” (2011)

Wiecko, Cynthia Ross: “Guam: At the Crossroads of Spanish Imperial Militarization, Ecological Change, and Identity in World History.” (2011)

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