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History | Internships



A supervised internship offers undergraduates firsthand experience working with one of our local historical societies in locations such as Pullman, Moscow, Palouse, Colfax or Albion. Students will work with an on-site supervisor and a faculty advisor to complete an approved project.   Research possibilities range from digitalizing records, inventorying traditional clothing, writing an article for one of the local journals, creating displays, and assisting at public functions.


Academic credit may be earned by registering for History 498. For each internship, a contract or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is drawn up that describes in detail the work to be performed, the time and credit involved, the compensation (if any), and the obligation of all parties: the student, the faculty advisor, and the on-site supervisor.

2019 senior, Gavin Pielow, completed an internship with Dr. Lawrence Hatter. See Gavin’s story here.