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Washington State University
History | World History Program

Today’s academic job market demands transnational and world historical training. Washington State University’s History Department (Pullman, Tri-Cities, Vancouver) offers a unique graduate program in World History with hands-on teaching experience. The World History program trains for depth in a primary field of expertise with the capacity to think and teach broadly and analytically about world historical processes. In this program, graduate students can expect active mentoring and assistance with job placement. Our alumni are successful in forging careers at premier research and teaching institutions in the U.S and abroad.



All PhD students receive training in the historiography and methodology, as well as the teaching of World History. WSU World History graduate students must also focus their learning both geographically and thematically. Faculty thematic expertise includes:



War and Society

Gender and Sexuality

Race & Ethnicity



Labor Systems

Public History



Graduate Teaching Assistantships are available in our innovative first-year undergraduate core requirement: Roots of Contemporary Issues, noted for its pioneering impact on pedagogy, thematic approach, and use of student-driven inquiry into transnational trends and issues. WSU’s graduate Teaching Assistants mentor freshmen through original historical library research projects based on contemporary headlines in:


Humans and the Environment

Technology and Globalization

The Roots of Inequality

Diverse Ways of Thinking

The Roots of Contemporary Conflicts


The History Department and Washington State University also support advanced graduate research and travel with numerous fellowships.