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History | Faculty News

Dr. Sutton speaks at the Clements Center

On Thursday, September 13, 2018, the Clements Center will welcome Matthew Sutton, the Edward R. Meyer Distinguished Professor of History at Washington State University, for his talk “Spies and unHoly Lies: How American Missionaries-Turned-Covert-Agents Helped Win World War II and Shape the Future of U.S. Intelligence.” The Intelligence Studies Project (ISP) will co-host this event.

In Good Faith – Summer Documentary Screening

Orlan SvingenDr. Orlan Svingen can be found across a series of presentations offered in Montana and Idaho this summer that are dedicated towards recognizing his work with local Indian tribes!

IN GOOD FAITH is a documentary that centers around the work of Dr. Orlan Svingen and his ongoing work with the Mixed Band of Shoshone, Bannock and Sheep Eater people of the Fort Hall Indian reservation near Pocatello, Idaho. Through his decades of work with Indian tribes across the U.S., Dr. Svingen has developed strong relationships at Fort Hall and forged the creation of Indian history field schools that are conducted in Central Idaho
and Southwestern Montana.


In Good Faith is narrated by Forrest Goodluck, a well known Native American actor you may recognize from The Revenant! There will be a screening of his documentary in both Montana and Idaho later this summer!


Professor Kawamura awarded Craft Professorship!

The Department would like to congratulate Dr. Noriko Kawamura who has been selected as the Arnold M. and Atsuko Craft Professor! The professorship lasts for 3 years and her term begins this August! The Craft Professorship is intended to help assist professors with the funding of scholarly, creative, and instructional activity! Congratulations Professor Kawamura!

Noriko Kawamura

Washington State University