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Washington State University
History | Marlene Gaynair








Wilson-Short Hall 313


Ph.D., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, 2021
M.A., York University, 2014
B.A. Spec. Hons., York University, 2013


Dr. Marlene Gaynair is currently a social and cultural historian of the modern Black Atlantic at Washington State University. She specializes in the histories of the United States, Canada, and British Caribbean during the long twentieth century. Her research interests cover popular culture, identity, citizenship, diasporas, public memory, immigration, transnational studies, and urban histories and spaces.

She is also the architect of “Islands in the North,” an ongoing digital exhibit which (re) creates Black cultural and spatial identities in Toronto. She continues to engage in digital histories and humanities to explore other dimensions of historical scholarship and public engagement.

She is currently working on her book manuscript, which is a transnational study of Jamaicans in Canada, the United States, and the Black Atlantic after Emancipation.

Academic and Research Interests


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