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Washington State University
History | Jesse Spohnholz








Director, History for the 21st Century
Professor of History

Wilson-Short Hall 310



Ph.D., University of Iowa, 2004
M.Litt., Reformation Studies Institute, University of St. Andrews, 1999
B.A., Reed College, 1996

Research and Teaching Interests

Spohnholz’s research focuses on social practices of toleration in Reformation-era Germany and the Netherlands, experiences of religious refugees during Europe’s Age of Religious Wars, and historical memory of the Reformation. His first book, The Tactics of Toleration (2011), explores the daily tactics of peaceful coexistence along the Dutch/German border during Europe’s Age of Religious Wars. His second book, The Convent of Wesel: The Event that Never Was and the Invention of Tradition (2017), solves a 450-year-old mystery and examines historical memory of the Reformation in the Netherlands and northwest Germany from the sixteenth to the twentieth-first century. His third book, Ruptured Lives: Refugee Crises in Historical Perspective (2020), examines the causes and effects of refugee movements in world history. In 2021, he completed a seven-year project funded by the Dutch Research Council with Mirjam van Veen, at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, that explores the experiences of sixteenth-century Dutch religious exiles living in the German-speaking lands. Their book that emerged from that project is Dutch Reformed Protestants in the Holy Roman Empire, c.1550–1620: A Reformation of Refugees (2024). He is also Director of the History for the 21st Century project of the World History Association that offers free, student-centered and inquiry-driven curricula to faculty and students.

Selected Honors & Awards

2024-26 National Endowment for the Humanities, Humanities Initiatives at Colleges and Universities Grant (with Brenna Miller as co-PI)

2024    Faculty Peer Mentoring Award. College of Arts and Sciences. Washington State University.

2022    Sahlin Faculty Excellence Award for Instruction, Washington State University

2018    Albert C. Outler Prize, awarded by the American Society of Church, for best ecumenical church history monograph, biography, critical edition or bibliography published in the two previous years

2018    DAAD/GSA Book Prize, awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service and the German Studies Association for the best book in German history published in the previous two years

2017    University Distinguished Teaching Fellowship. Washington State University

2017    William F. Mullen Memorial Teaching Award. College of Arts and Sciences. Washington State University

2014    Research Grant (Free Competition) from the Dutch Research Council (€750,000), with Mirjam van Veen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

2013–2014 Scholar in Residence, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

2012 Gerald Strauss Book Prize in Reformation History, awarded by the Sixteenth Century Society

2011 Thesis Advisor of the Year, Honors College, Washington State University

2011 Eric W. Bell Learning Communities Excellence in Teaching Award, University College, Washington State University

2009 Harold J. Grimm Prize for the best journal article in Reformation studies, awarded by the Sixteenth Century Society

2005 Fritz Stern Dissertation Prize, awarded by the German Historical Institute




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