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History | Brigit Farley

Brigit Farley









Associate Professor

Tri-Cities CIC 202C


Professor Farley (1995) received her PhD in History from Indiana University.

Academic & Professional Interests

Her research interests include 20th century Russia and Europe, War and Peace in the 20th century, Holocaust, and commemoration, translation/annotation of historical works from Eastern Europe and Russia. Her expertise covers a wide span: Russia/Eastern Europe, US and European foreign affairs, 1914 to present, Cold War, Great War, World War II, European ethnic conflict, and the Holocaust. Farley worked in the Soviet Union as a United States Information Agency Exhibit Guide in the Soviet Union during the late 1980s. She shares her knowledge with the Richland Kiwanis, Pasco and Kennewick Rotary Clubs, senior citizen groups and local schools.  Farley speaks Russian, French, and the Serbo-Croatian languages fluently, and speaks Hungarian on a limited basis.