On Saturday, April 22, the Association of Washington Historians (AWH) is holding their annual meeting at Columbia Basin College in Richland, Washington. Dr. Clif Stratton of the WSU’s Department of History  and Assistant Director of the RCI Program, has been asked to deliver the keynote address, entitled “From Stories to Skills: Teaching History in the Age of Automation and Austerity.”  The lecture will address how college historians can better equip their students for a wider variety of information-centered professions by offering sustained and intentional emphasis on building skills through the practice of historical inquiry and research.  It will take as its example and centerpiece the Roots of Contemporary Issues Program, now in its fifth year at Washington State University.

Those attending from Pullman are:  Steven Kale (Department Chair), Jesse Spohnholz (former AWH keynote speaker and Director of the RCI Program at WSU), Sean A. Wempe (RCI faculty member and this year’s AWH president), Theresa Jordan (Clinical Associate Professor), Ken Faunce (Clinical Assistant Professor in the RCI Program), and David Bolingbroke (a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of History).