The history department would like to share the continued recognition of Professor Sue Peabody’s current projects. Both her book, Madeleine’s Children, as well as her community based oral history project have been highlighted by The Columbian, a Vancouver based newspaper.  If you are interested in following the continuing coverage of Madeleine’s Children, you can find more information through the WSU Vancouver’s marketing and communication coverage, here, or through the related coverage offered by The Columbian, here.

Her oral history project is titled “Clark County Stories: How We Came to this Place” and opened for community interaction and participation on January 27th.  Further discussion will be held over the next few months relating to the establishment of Clark County and the significant growth of the regional population.  If you are interested in the local research being done in Clark County then click here to follow the coverage being offered by The Columbian, or here for the coverage as it is being reported by the Camas-Washougal Post-Record.