Jesse SpohnholzJesse Spohnholz (RCI Director), Clif Stratton (RCI Asst. Director) and Katy Fry (RCI Curriculum Coordinator) received Provost Office Teaching Fellowships for the coming academic year. A joint application was submitted as part of the Provost’s Office efforts to promote education innovation at WSU.



Katy FryFry will start the work this Fall by redesigning RCI lesson templates, with revised versions that maximize the opportunities offered in Pullman by the new learning spaces and digital tools offered by the Digital Classroom Building. Stratton and Fry will pilot draft lessons in Spring 2018. Fry will then offer training to all ROOTS (RCI) faculty.



Clif StrattonStratton will conduct an assessment of learning outcomes to identify areas where new technologies are or are not having measurable effects on student learning. As Director, Spohnholz will be supervising the project. He plans to take talented WSU students around the state in a series of organized events aimed a wider public that will use WSU students to make the case for how critical creative and innovative history learning is for the future of our state, nation, and world.