David BolingbrokeDavid Blingbroke is presenting a paper at the WSU EARThs conference April 1 in the Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE) room 518.

Evolution of Technology, Risks, and Community Responses (Session 1: 12:00pm, )

Environmental risks and burdens are not a 21st century novelty, instead they are rooted in rich socio-economic histories and often a narrative of “progress.” This session explores the past, present, and future of energy technologies and how technological evolutions spur new community reactions.

Lauren Scott – Power Grid Paper (Title TBD)

Kelli Roemer – Influence of Community Capitals on the Outcomes of Energy and Fuel Refinery Projects

Katie Bittinger – Proud of the Cloud: Social Factors that Influence Perceptions of the Hanford Nuclear Complex

David Bolingbroke – Hanford’s Environmental Transformation and the Beginning of Radioecology