The Department of History’s very own Greg Atkins gave a talk about Psychiana, Moscow’s mail-order religion.  The definition:  “Psychiana was a New Thought denomination created in 1928 by Frank Bruce Robinson (1886-1948), with headquarters in Moscow, Idaho.  It began and largely remained a mail-order enterprise, recruiting people through advertising in popular magazines and through direct mail solicitations.”  See more about Psychiana as described and defined by Wikipedia.

Atkins shared his research on Frank Robinson at a Latah County Historical Society-sponsored event: “Suds With a Scholar” Saturday, March 4 in Moscow, Idaho.  Atkins says “Up until the time you recognized the spirit of God in you, you failed at everything you did; you existed but your life was a life of opposition.”  See the article from the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

See the link to the Cultural Institute’s information about Psychiana and Frank Robinson in Moscow, Idaho.

Some of the event attendees March 4, 2017.