On May 7, many undergraduate History majors and three Masters Degree recipients participated in the graduation ceremony at Beasley Coliseum.  The Department of History hosts a luncheon each year on graduation day to honor History majors, double-majors and graduate students.  A complete list of the class of 2016 can be found here.  The photo above is of some History students ready to begin their new lives.

Brittany Maziarz - Jason Hogstad - Calen Rau - Alistair Fortson (003)

Above are Brittany Maziarz, undergraduate receiving her BA, Jason Hogstad and Calen Rau, two of the graduate students who have earned their Masters degrees and Alistair Fortson who earned his BA in History.  James Anderson, also an MA recipient, could not be in attendance.


Theresa Jordan and Olivia Murphy

Professor Theresa Jordan, Clinical Associate Professor of History, and Olivia Murphy, who earned a BA in History with an English minor.


May 9 grad lunch group (002)

Some of the students and parents in attendance May 7.