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Washington State University
History | Jodie Marshall

Wilson-Short Hall


· PhD, Michigan State University
· BA and MA, University of Vermont

Research and Teaching Interests

· African History
· Global migration, (im)mobility, and transnationalism
· Gender and sexuality studies
· The Indian Ocean and maritime cultures and environments


Dr. Jodie Marshall is a postdoctoral instructor in Washington State’s Roots of Contemporary Issues program. She specializes in East Africa’s history with and in the wider Western Indian Ocean world.

Dr. Marshall’s current book project, (Im)mobility in a Sea of Migration: Race, mobilities, and transnational families in Zanzibar and Oman, ca 1850-2019, takes up this subject through the lens of migration history, examining the history of working-class migration between Oman and Zanzibar over the course of the past two centuries. Drawing on a large corpus of oral history interviews that Dr. Marshall conducted in both Tanzania and Oman over the course of her dissertation research, this project recenters the story of Arab migration in East Africa around the transnational interior lives of otherwise immobile actors among the rural working class of the Zanzibar archipelago.

Her most recent publication, an article called “Mama didn’t go: Mobility as a gendered and classed privilege, Zanzibar-Oman 1964-1980s” forthcoming in the Journal of Eastern African Studies, discusses the challenges to gaining access to mobility in the wake of the Zanzibari Revolution and the particular ways that this challenge was amplified for working class women.