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History | History Awards

College of Arts and Sciences 2018-2019 Awards Ceremony


Clinical Assistant Professor, Clif Stratton won the
“Excellence in Teaching by a Clinical Faculty Member” award.

This recipient of this award demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching, including outstanding student evaluations; specific examples of pedagogical innovation or scholarship, meritorious classroom performance, and a range of teaching responsibilities; additional demonstration of instructional contributions outside the classroom. Classroom evaluations and letters of support or testimonials from students are required.

Dean Matthew Jockers, Dr. Stratton,
and Department Chair, Steven Kale


Department of History Office Manager and Secretary Senior, Jordan Pike, wins “Civil Service Early Career Achievement Award” for 2018-2019.

Jordan was nominated by Dr. Noriko Kawamura.  Letters of support from the department graduate students and faculty were received by the CAS award committee.

This award demonstrated professional contributions and service within their unit, the college, and/or the university beyond their stated job requirements; evidence of ability to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among faculty, staff, and students. Letters of support or testimonials from peers, faculty, and/or students are encouraged.

Dean Matthew Jockers, Jordan Pike,
and Department Chair, Steven Kale

2018-2019 Graduation of Undergraduate History Majors and Graduate Students

Every year on Graduation Day, the Department of History provides a brunch or lunch for the graduating class.  For the complete list of names, see the poster for the Class of 2019.

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