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Washington State University
History | Completed Theses & Dissertations in Public History



  • Christopher Halderman, M.A. ’20, “The Militarization of the Puget Sound: A Gateway to the Pacific, 1880-1900


  • JT Menard, M.A. ’19, “Scottish Ale: Bert Grant and the Rise and Fall of the Yakima Btewing Malting Company 1982 – 2005”


  • Trevor Bond, Ph.D. ’17, “Why Should we have to buy our own things back? The struggle over the Spalding-Allen Collection”
  • Megan Ockerman, M.A., ’17, “‘It’s in the Water’: A History of the Olympia Brewing Company, 1896-1983”


  • James Anderson, M.A. ’16, “Seeing America’s Alps: Visual Media and the Creation of North Cascades National Park”


  • Michael Dennis, M.A. ’15, “An “Un-American” Objection: Mennonite Conscientous Objectors and American Antagonisms in Kansas During World War I”
  • Nyssa Runyan, M.A. ’15, “The Greatest Adventure: American Volunteers from Leland Stanford Jr. University and the University of California, Berkely, in the American Field Service,1916-1918”


  • Robert Franklin, M.A. ’14, “”Matanuska? Mister, She’s Tough”: New Deal Agricultural Settlement in Alaska, 1933-1940″


  • Kristopher Skelton, M.A. ’13, “Trapped in the Fur Trade: Debt Bondage in the Rocky Mountains 1822 – 1827”
  • Beth Erdey, Ph.D. ’13, “Wildly Contentious: The Battle for North Central Idaho’s Roads, Rivers, and Wilderness”


  • Kelly Ann Krench, M.A. ’10, “Transportation and the Transformation of a Small Town: Wagon Roads, Trains, Pavement and the Development of Colton, Washington”


  • Chris Allan, Ph.D. ’10, “Locked Up: A History of Resistance to the Creation of National Parks in Alaska”
  • Rachel Johnson, M.A. ’10, “The Navajo Special Program in the PNW: Educating Navajo Students at Chemawa Indian Boarding School 1946-57”


  • Laura Arata, M.A. ’09, ” Ember of the social city: business, consumption and material culture in Virginia City, Montana, 1863-1945″
  • Amanda Van Lanen, Ph.D. ’09, “We have grown fine fruit whether we would or not”: The History of the Washington State Apple Industry, 1880-1930″


  • Amy E. Canfield, Ph.D. ’08, “The “Annoying Question of Water: Trust-Fund Violations and Federal Mismanagement on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, 1891-1916”
  • Jacquelyn L. Dumin, M.A. ’08, “All You Need is a Good Cookbook Jane:” The Creation of the Kitchen Culture in Early Cold War America”
  • Patrick J. King, M.A. ’08, “Labor and Mechanization: The Hop Industry in Yakima Valley, 1866-1950”
  • Lynette Scriver , M.A. ’08, “Lemhi Shoshone of Idaho Territory: Mormons, Gold, Treaties, and an Executive Order, 1855 to 1875”
  • Benjamin J. Smith , M.A. ’08, “Public Participation and the Northwest Power Act of 1980”
  • Shirley A. Stephens, Ph.D. ’08, “The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act: A Historical Perspective and Legislative History”


  • Cara Lynn Kaser , M.A. ’07, “A Narrative and Survey Report of Historic Church Buildings in Latah County, Idaho”


  • Matthew J. Hansbury , M.A. ’06, “The Three Trials of the Nisqually Chief Leschi, Governor Isaac I. Stevens, and the Medicine Creek Treaty of 1855”


  • Summer T. Hahn , M.A. ’05, “A Professors Neighborhood: College Hill, Pullman, Washington 1893-present”
  • William R. Johnson, Jr., Ph.D. ’05, “Amerada Hess O Alaska: Alaska Litigates for Royalties: 1977-1992”


  • Janet Creighton, Ph.D. ’04, “Cultural Resources in Conflict: Historic Preservation and Private Property at Northwest Landing, Dupont, Washington”
  • Salina Davis-Pavlovick, M.A. ’04, “Camp Rimini, Montana, 1939–1944, A History”
  • Amy Harrington, M.A. ’04, “The Pocatello Land Rush of 1902 and the Fort Hall Indian Reservation: A Study of Allotment, Surplus Lands, and Trust-Fund Violations, 1867–1907”
  • Amanda Van Lanen, M.A. ’04, “It Was a Time When the Promoter Promoted; Irrigation in Wenatchee, Washington, 1890–1908”


  • Ben Baughman, M.A. ’03, “William Craig in Nez Perce Country: Mountain Man, Interpreter, and Indian Agent, 1807–1869”
  • Steven Biljan, M.A. ’03, “The 23rd Infantry of the 2nd Division and the Korean War: A Regimental History, 1861–1953”
  • Bryce Spencer, M.A. ’03, “Canyonlands National Park: A Cultural Resource Assessment”


  • Jon Middaugh, M.A. ’02, “Limiting Mobility: Migrant Farm Workers in the Yakima Valley, Washington 1965–1975”


  • Cary Collins, Ph.D. ’01, “Between Savagery and Civilization: The Memoir of Edwin I. Chalcnaft, U.S. Indian Agent”
  • Matthew Godfrey, Ph.D. ’01, “Breaking a Monopoly: Progressive Reform, The Federal Government, and the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, 1907–1921”
  • Suzanne Julin, Ph.D. ’01, “Creating a Regional Identity: Politics, Policy and Tourism Development in the Black Hills Through 1941”
  • John Mann, Ph.D. ’01, “Returning to the River of No Return: The Lemhi Shoshone and the Salmon River Country, Idaho”
  • Elizabeth van Till Warren, Ph.D. ’01, “The History of Las Vegas Springs, A Disappeared Resource”


  • Jeanne Marie Oyawin Eder, Ph.D. ’00, “An Administrative Treaty History of Indians of Yellowstone National Park, 1825–1925”
  • Mari Hillestad, M.A. ’00, “‘All Shook Up’: Riot, Readiness, and Reorganization in the Montana National Guard, 1955–1965”
  • Jeffrey Johnson, M.A. ’00, “Border Patrols, Buffalo Soldiers, and Boredom: Fort Assinniboine Montana 1879–1911”
  • Susan Paras, M.A. ’00, “Crises of Identity: State Police Force or Federal Force? The Montana National Guard, 1900–1914”
  • Michelle Tabit, M.A. ’00, “The Montana National Guard’s 163rd Infantry in the Southwest Pacific Theater During World War II”


  • Charles Mutschler, Ph.D. ’99, “Wired for Success: A History of the Butte Anaconda and Pacific Railway”


  • Steven Charry, Ph.D. ’97, “The Environment and the Law: W. Lon Johnson, Attorney, Politician, and Judge in the Pacific Northwest 1912–1958”
  • John Mann, M.A. ’97, “Returning to the River of No Return: The Lemhi Indian People and the Salmon River Country, Idaho”
  • Debra Sutphen, Ph.D. ’97, “Conservative Warrior: Oveta Culp Hobby and the Administration of American’s Heath, Education, and Welfare, 1953–1955”
  • Cheyenne Tuller, M.A. ’97, “The Politics and Perfidy of Federal Recognition”
  • Krista Undeberg, M.A. ’97, “The Diary of Helen Campbell: Life During Spokane’s Age of Elegance 1913–1917”


  • Neil Barker, M.A. ’96, “The Works Progress Administration in Portland, OR: An Historical Narrative and Survey Report 1935–1942”
  • Goeffrey Bleakley, Ph.D. ’96, “A Policy History of Alaska Oil Lands Aministration, 1953–1974”
  • Brian Hahn, M.A. ’96, “Nez Perce Sovereignty Under Siege: William G. Langford’s Claim Against the Nez Perce Indian Reservation 1866–1895”
  • Marcia Babcock Montgomery, M.A. ’96, “The Struggle to Retain Tribal Identity: The Lemhi Indian People of Idaho, 1907–1929”
  • Shirley Stephens, M.A. ’96, “The Lemhi Indian People of Idaho: Removal from the Salmon River Country to Fort Hall, 1880–1907”
  • Laura Woodworth-Ney, Ph.D. ’96, “Tribal Sovereignty Betrayed: The Conquest of the Coeur D’Alene Indian Reservation 1840–1905”


  • Mee-Ae Kim, M.A. ’95, “‘It Is Time to Put up the Bars’: Albert Johnson and the Immigration Act of 1924”
  • Liza Rognas, M.A. ’95, “Brown v. Board of Education: A History of Federal Court Cases Comprising the Landmark School Desegregation Decision”
  • Andrea Sabo, M.A. ’95, “The Orchesis Tradition at Washington State University: Furthering the Movement of Dance in Education”


  • Timothy Bell, M.A. ’94, “The History of Wine Making in Washington State”
  • Theresa Lindsay Pihl, M.A. ’94, “Days of Austerity, Hope and Change: The Northwest Mining Association 1936–1940”
  • Everett Roscoe, M.A. ’94, “The Wine Bill of 1969: An Unlikely Catalyst for the Washington Wine Industry”


  • Daniel Carey, M.A. ’93, “The Washington State National Guard, 1901-1917”
  • Robert Hadlow, Ph.D. ’93, “Conde B. McCullough, 1887–1946: Master Bridge Builder of the Pacific Northwest”
  • Susan Vetter, M.A. ’93, “Spokane’s ‘New’ Mining Man in the Progressive Era, 1911–1923”



  • Jerry Scott, M.A. ’92, “A History of the Formation of the Colville Indian Reservation”



  • Douglas Blake, M.A. ’91, “The Idaho National Guard 1903–1919”