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Washington State University
History | Past History Graduate Students


Halderman, Christopher, MA
“The Militarization of the Puget Sound: A Gateway to the Pacific, 1880-1900”
Committee members: Robert McCoy, Noriko Kawamura, and Jeff Sanders

Hardyway, Fredrick, PhD
“Songhai’s Fall: The Role of Scholars and Blacksmiths in the Adoption, Adaptation, and Rejection of Gun Technology in West Africa, 1464-1612”
Committee members: Candice Goucher, Marina Tolmacheva, Ashley Wright

Hitchen, Matthew, MA
“A Republican Education: The Politics and Ideology of Education in Columbia City, New York. 1777-1850”
Committee members: Lawrence Hatter, Matthew Sutton, Clif Stratton, Mark Boonshoft

Kotin, Daniel, PhD
“Soundscapes of the Black Atlantic: Music, Memory, Recreation, and Nationalism in Trinidad Calypso, Ghanaian Highlife, and the African Diaspora”
Committee members: Candice Goucher, Sue Peabody, Ashley Wright

Martin, Nicholas, PhD
“From Crying Blood to Capitalism: The Transition of Tribal Leadership in the Revolutionary Era”
Committee members: Lawrence Hatter, Jenny Thigpen, Ashley Wright

Powell, Randal, PhD
“’The Day Soon Cometh:’ Mormons, the Apocalypse, and the Shaping of a Nation”
Committee members: Matthew Sutton, Jennifer Thigpen, Patrick Mason, Peter Boag, Lawrence Hatter

Reimann, Melanie, PhD
“They Would ‘Access Canada at a Usual and Accustomed Gathering Place’: Cultural Survival and Preservation Across the US-Canada Border by the Sinixt Nation and the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation”
Committee members: Robert McCoy, Lawrence Hatter, Jennifer Thigpen


Atkins, Gregory, PhD
“America’s Theopolis: Boosters, Businesses, and Christian Nonprofits in Colorado Springs, 1871-2000.”
Committee members: Matthew Sutton, Jeff Sanders, Peter Boag, Paul Harvey

Edgerton, Samantha, MA
“Better Thank Being on the Streets: Oregon, Idaho, and the Battered Women’s Movement.”
Committee members: Laurie Mercier, Peter Boag, Linda Heidenreich

Hagadone, Zachary, MA
“Palantines and Print Culture: Imagining Migration and Identity in the British Antlantic World.”
Committee members: Jennifer Thigpen, Jesse Spohnholz, Lawrence Hatter

Johnson, Amy, MA
“Wanapum Dispossession and Persistence on the Mid-Columbia in the Atomic Age.”
Committee members: Laurie Mercier, Steven Fountain, Rob McCoy, Thomas Marceau

Johnson, Joshua, MA
“When Bretheren Walk Together: Immanuel Tremellius (C. 1510-1580) , Jewish-Christian Conversion, Christian Hebraism, and Reformed Christianity.”
Committee members: Jesse Spohnholz, Steven Kale, Sue Peabody

Menard, John (JT), MA
“Scottish Ale: Bert Grant and the Rise and Fall of the Yakima Brewing Malting Company 1982 – 2005.”
Committee members: Rob McCoy, Robert Bauman, Jeff Sanders

Perry, Katherine, PhD
“Mau Mau in the Metropole: The British Conservation Party and Kenya’s State of Emergency. 1952 – 1960.”
Committee members: Raymond Sun, Heather Streets, Ashley Wright, Candice Goucher

Schroeder, James, MA
“Programs of Denial: Unlocking the Gates to Skilled Immigration Through Project Paperclip, 1945 to 1947”
Committee members: Noriko Kawamura, Matthew Sutton, Raymond Sun


Baudinet, Matthias. PhD
“The Post World War I Ethnic Purges in Northern Lorraine and the Formation of a Distinct Mosellan Identity, 1918 – Present.”
Committee members: Steven Kale, Ashley Wright, Raymond Sun, Brigit Farley

Binczewski, Jennifer, PhD
“Solitary Sparrows: Widowhood and the Catholic Community in Post-Reformation England, 1580 – 1630.”
Committee members: Jesse Spohnholz, Sue Peabody, Steven Kale, Todd Butler

Briere, Laura, MA
“More Than Meets the Eye: The Shoshone-Bannock Response to Education at Fort Hall, Idaho 1904-1946.”
Committee members: Orlan Svingen, Peter Boag, Jennifer Thigpen

Cassiere, Katrina, MA
“Assobiando Dixie: Confederate Exiles in Brazil.”
Committee members: Jennifer Thigpen, Peter Boag, Lawrence Hatter

Grav, Hans-Petter, PhD
“Vesterheim in Red, White, and Blue: The Hyphenated Norweigan-American and Regional Identity in the Pacific Northwest, 1890 – 1950.”
Committee members: Laurie Mercier, Robert Bauman, Jeff Sanders, Luz Maria Gordillo

Gumm, Sarah Beth, MA
“Tis the Best Joy that Anyone Can Ask: Progressive Era Women’s Clubs in Tacoma, Washington.”
Committee members: Peter Boag, Jennifer Thigpen, Laurie Mercier

McCormack, Carie, PhD
“Collection and Discovery: Botanical Collection in South and Southeast Asia, 1754 – 1885.”
Committee members: Candice Goucher, Ashley Wright, Jeff Sanders

Oller, Emily, MA
“Righteous Violence: Gender and the Stormtroopers, 1923-1933.”
Committee members: Raymond Sun, Ashley Wright, Brigit Farley

Shin, Dong Jo, PhD
“Sinicization with Socialist Characteristics: Han Control Over Ethnic Koreans in Northeast China, 1921-1976.”
Committee members: Xiuyu Wang, Sue Peabody, Raymond Sun, Cathryn Clayton

Smith, Taylor, MA
“Closeted Tongues of Fire: The Holiness Movement, Pentecostalism, and the Rise of Evangelical Cooperation in the 20th Century.”
Committee members: Matthew Sutton, Raymond sun, Robert Bauman

Svehla, Amanda, MA
“Communication and Power: Letter-Writing and the Elizabethan Court.”
Committee members: Jessee Spohnholz, Lawrence Hatter, Ashley Wright


Bond, Trevor, PhD
“Why Should We Have to Buy Our Own Things Back? The Struggle Over the Spalding-Allen Collection.”
Committee members: Rob McCoy, Jennifer Thigpen, Robert Bauman, Jeffrey Sanders

Gilleran, Sean, MA
“Carl Sagan’s Groovy Cosmos: Public Science and American Counterculture in the 1970s.”
Committee members:
Matthew Sutton, Jeffrey Sanders, Lawrence Hatter

Ockerman, Megan, MA
“It’s the Water”: A History of the Olympia Brewing Company, 1896-1983.”
Committee members: Rob McCoy, Jeffrey Sanders, Laurie Mercier

Song, Sikang, PhD
“Building a Smoking Society: Culture and Ecology of the Tobacco Industry in North China, 1902-1937”
Committee members:  David Pietz, Jeffrey Sanders, Noriko Kawamura, Heather Streets-Salter

Torres, Renee, MA
“Emissaries for the Lord: American Protestant Women Writers and Missionaries, 1930s”
Committee members: Jennifer Thigpen, Peter Boag, Matthew Sutton

Webb, Brianna, MA
“Helmut Kohl: In Search of a Unified Past”
Committee members: Raymond Sun, Steven Kale, Brigit Farley, Rachel Halverson


Anderson, James, MA, May 2016
Advisor: Rob McCoy
Thesis Title:  “Seeing America’s Alps: Visual Media and the Creation of North Cascades National Park”

Hogstad, Jason Thomas, MA, May 2016
Advisor: Peter Boag
Thesis Title: “Splitting Hares: Eastern Oregon Pest Control and the Urban/Rural Divide, 1900-1925”

Rau, Calen Edward, MA, May 2016
Advisor: Raymond Sun
Thesis Title: Of Monumental Importance: World War II, Hungarian Nationalism, and the Commemorative Landscape of Budapest


Bell, Brett, PhD, May 2015
Advisor: Jennifer Thigpen
Dissertation title: “Curse of the Forbidden Fruit: Southern Opposition During the Mexican War Era, 1835-1850”

Dennis, Michael (Mickey), MA May 2015
Advisor: Orlan Svingen
Thesis Title: “An Un-American” Objection: Mennonite Conscientious Objectors and American Antagonisms in Kansas During World War I”

Ford, Joni, MA May 2015
Advisor: Jennifer Thigpen
Thesis Title: “Lowered Expectations: Mary Walker and the Disappointments of Mission Life, 1839-1848”

Kinsella, Tyler, MA, August 2015
Advisor: Raymond Sun

Link, Amanda, PhD 2015
Advisor: Raymond Sun and Heather Streets
Dissertation Title: “Specters of Empire: Remembrance of the Great War in the Irish Free State, 1914 – 1937”

Runyan, Nyssa, MA, August 2015
Advisor: Orlan Svingen
Thesis Title: “The Greatest Adventure: American Volunteers from Leland Stanford, Jr. University and the University of California, Berkeley, in the American Field Service, 1916 – 1918”

Schlect, Christopher, PhD, May 2015
Advisor: Matthew Sutton
Dissertation Title: “Onward Christian Administrators”

Schraeder, Sarah, MA, May 2015
Advisor: Raymond Sun
Thesis Title: “The Long Road to Memorialization: A History of the Development of the Esterwegen Memorial, 1945-2011”

Selmanovic, Amir, PhD, December 2015
Advisor: Brigit Farley
Dissertation Title: “Self-Managed Tuzla: The Development of a Working Class City”

Stack, Brian. MA, 2015
Advisor: Peter Boag
Dissertation Title: “Sodomists and Citizens: The Washington State Sodomy Law at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”

Tyler, Jacki Hedlund, PhD, May 2015
Advisor: Peter Boag
Dissertation Title: “The Power of Political Chatter: Settler Colonialism and the Construction of Race, Gender, and Citizenship in Oregon

Wells, Jacob, MA, May 2015
Advisor: Jesse Spohnholz
Thesis Title: “The Devotio Moderna; The Radical Reformation, and the Ideal of Inner Spirituality: 1374 – 1554”


Arata, Laura, PhD, August 2014
Advisor — Robert Bauman
Dissertation Title — Race and the Wild West: Sarah Bickford and the Construction of Historical Memory in Virginia City, Montana, 1870 – 1930

Erdey, Beth, PhD, December 2013
Advisor — Robert McCoy
Thesis Title — Wildly Contentious: The Battle for North Central Idaho’s Roads, Rivers, and Wilderness

Franklin, Robert, MA, August 2014
Advisor — Robert McCoy
Thesis Title — “Matanuska? Mister, She’s Tough”: New Deal Agricultural Settlement in Alaska, 1933-1940

Grube, April Mae, M.A., May 2014
Advisor — Peter Boag
Dissertation Title — From Honeymoon to Massacre: Memory and Remembrance of Marcus Whitman, 1847-1962

Herzog, Shawna, PhD, August 2013
Advisor — Heather Streets
Thesis Title — Convenient Compromise: A History of Slavery in the British East Indies, 1795-1841

Homberger, Torsten, PhD, May 2014
Advisor — Raymond Sun
Dissertation Title — Fashioning German Fascism: Constructing the Image of Hitler’s Storm Troopers, 1924-1933

Patterson, Katherine Joyce, M.A.  2014
Advisor — Raymond Sun
Dissertation Title — Inferiority, Sexuality, and Motherhood: Methods and Representations of Female Holocaust Rescuers

Powell, Lee Ann, PhD, December 2013
Advisor — Jeffrey Sanders
Dissertation Title — Culture, Cold War, Conservatism, and the End of Atomic Age: Richland, Washington  1943-1989

Rond, Terisa, PhD, May  2014
Advisor — Susan Peabody
Dissertation Title — Altogether Useless: Women, Crime and the Creation of Unfree Labor for the British Atlantic Colonies 1660-1783

Travis, Philip, PhD, May,  2014
Advisor — Matt Sutton
Dissertation Title — Outlaw States: The United States, Nicaragua and the Cold War Roots of the War on Terrorism

Vickoren, Daniel Joseph, MA, May  2014
Advisor — Matthew A Sutton
Dissertation Title — Seeing Red From the Pulpit: Shifting Perceptions of Mormons and Pentecostals in American Society During the First Red Scare

Wang, Ai, PhD, August, 2014
Advisor — David Pietz
Dissertation Title — City of the River: The Hai River and the Construction of Tianjin, 1897-1948