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History | Current & Recent Dissertations

Dissertations in Progress

Daniel Fogt

Daniel Fogt

PhD Candidate

“Crossing Borders: Marriage and Gender in Netherlandish Refugee Communities in London and the Rhineland, 1565-1600.”

Fred Hardyway


PhD Candidate

“Iron Heads to Iron Barrels: Migratory Fulani, Blacksmiths, and the Distribution of Military Technology and the Persistence of Bow and Arrow Technology in West African Cultures from the 14th to the early 20th Century.”

Daniel Kotin

Daniel Kotin

PhD Candidate

Title to be determined; topic: “World War memories in Black Nationalist media and culture.”

Carey McCormack

Carey McCormack

PhD Candidate

“Collection and Discovery: British Botanical Collection in Southeast Asia, 1754-1885.”

Katie Perry

Katherine Perry

PhD Candidate

Katie studies Modern Europe, Modern Britain, and Imperialism.
Dissertation: “Mau Mau in the Metropole: The conservative Party and Kenya’s State of Emergency, 1952-1960”

Dong Jo Shin

DongJo Shin

PhD Candidate

“The Relationship between Communism and Nationalism: Chinese Communist Nationalism in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, 1949-1976.”

Recent Alumni Dissertations

Binczewski, Jennifer: “Solitary Sparrows: Widowhood and the Catholic Community in Post-Reformation England, 1580-1630.” (2017)

Chowdhury, Amitava: “Horizons of Memory: A Global Processual Study of Cultural Memory and Identity of the South Asian Indentured Labor Diaspora in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.” (2008)

Herzog, Shawna R.: “Convenient Compromises: A History of Slavery and Abolition in the British East Indies, 1795-1841.” (2013)

Link, Amanda Rae: “Spectors of Empire: Remembrance of the Great War in the Irish Free State, 1914-1937.” (2015)

Maxwell, Mary Jane: “Journeys of Faith and Fortune: Christian Travelers in the Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth-Century dar al-Islam.” (2004)

Moreno, Mark: “World at War: Mexican Identities, Insurgents, and the French Occupation, 1862-1867.” (2011)

Rhett, Maryanne: “’Quasi-barbarians’ and ‘Wandering Jews’: The Balfour Declaration in Light of World Events.” (2008)

Rond, Terisa Jeanine: “Altogether Useless’: Women, Crime and the Creation of Unfree Labor for the British Atlantic Colonies, 1660-1783.” (2014)

Traver, Barbara: “After Kourou: Settlement Schemes in French Guiana in the Age of Enlightenment.” (2011)

Wang, Ai: “City of the River: The Hai River and the Construction of Tianjin, 1897–1948” (2014)

Wemlinger, Cherri: “Making their Voices Heard: Expressions of World Opinion to the League of Nations during the Italo-Ethiopian Dispute (1934-1938).” (2012)

Whelchel, Aaron: “`The Schoolmaster is Abroad’: The Diffusion of Educational Innovations in the Nineteenth-Century British Empire.” (2011)

Wiecko, Cynthia Ross: “Guam: At the Crossroads of Spanish Imperial Militarization, Ecological Change, and Identity in World History.” (2011)

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