History | Dissertations in Progress

The following students are currently working on their dissertations.

Dissertator: Gregory James Atkins
Advisor: Matthew A. Sutton
Dissertation Title: “Evangelical Mecca: Government, Business, and Christian Organizations in Colorado Springs”

Dissertator: Jennifer Binczewski
Advisor: Jesse Spohnholz
Dissertation Title: “Solitary Sparrows: Widowhood and the Catholic Community in Post-Reformation England, 1570-1620”

Dissertator: David Bolingbroke
Advisor: Jeff Sanders
Dissertation Title: “Atomic Restoration: An Environmental History of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation” (working title)

Dissertator: Trevor Bond
Advisor: Robert McCoy
Dissertation Title: “Why should we have to buy our own things back? The struggle over the Spalding-Allen Collection”

Dissertator: Daniel Fogt
Advisor: Jesse Spohnholz
Dissertation Title: TBD (topic: early-modern women’s history and 16th and 17th century Dutch Calvinist refugees in the Rhineland)

Dissertator: Hans-Petter Grav
Advisor: Laurie Mercier
Dissertation Title: “Vesterheim in Red, White, and Blue: The Hyphenated Norwegian-American and Regional Identity in the Pacific Northwest, 1890-1950”

Dissertator: Fredrick Hardyway
Advisor: Candice Goucher
Dissertation Title: “Songhay’s Captives: The Enslavement and Migration of Blacksmiths, Warriors And Scholars from Songhay to Morocco  And Beyond- 1591-1640″

Dissertator: Daniel Kotin
Advisor: Candice Goucher
Dissertation Title: TBD (topic: World War memories in Black Nationalist media and culture)

Dissertator: Carey McCormack
Advisor: Candice Goucher
Dissertation Title: “Collection and Discovery: British Botanical Collection in Southeast Asia, 1754-1885”

Dissertator: Katie Perry
Advisor: Heather Streets-Salter
Dissertation Title: “Mau Mau in the Metropole: The Conservative Party and Kenya’s State of Emergency, 1952-1960”

Dissertator: Dong Jo Shin
Advisor: Xiuyu Wang
Dissertation Title: “The Relationship between Communism and Nationalism: Chinese Communist Nationalism in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, 1949-1976”

Dissertator: Sikang Song
Advisor: David Pietz
Dissertation Title: “Building the Smoking Society: Culture and Ecology of the Tobacco Industry in North China, 1912-1937”

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