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Washington State University
History | Yanqiu Zheng

Teaching Post Doctoral Instructor

Wilson-Short Hall 318

The first in his family to attend college in China and study abroad in Scandinavia and the United States, Yanqiu Zheng studied philosophy, education, and human rights before receiving his Ph.D. in history from Northwestern University. As a historian of modern China, he is broadly interested in the politics and pedagogy of intercultural encounters. Having conducted extensive archival research in the United States, Taiwan, and mainland China, he also enjoys teaching a wide range of courses from Chinese to East Asian and world history. His book manuscript, In Search of Admiration and Respect: Chinese Cultural Diplomacy in the United States, 1875-1975, is currently under review. He is now working on a second book project, tentatively titled Chinese Food on the Margins: A Transnational History. Besides these book projects, he has published articles on the Chinese ethnographic photographs during World War II and the contested legal status of U.S. troops in post-extraterritoriality China.