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Washington State University
History | Alan Malfavon

Wilson-Short Hall 351



Ph.D., University of California, Riverside, 2021
M.A., University of California, Riverside, 2017
B.A., California State University, Northridge, 2015

Academic and Research Interests

Dr. Alan Malfavon received his Ph.D. in Latin American History from the University of California, Riverside in 2021. Malfavon is a historian of late-colonial and early independent Latin America. His research interests center around Afro-Mexican, Greater Caribbean, Atlantic World, Veracruz, and African Diaspora Histories. His work focuses on the understudied Afro-Mexican population of the Port-City of Veracruz and its hinterland of Sotavento (Leeward) and reframes the historical and historiographical transition between the colonial and national period, arguing that Afro-Mexicans facilitated, complicated, and participated in multiple socio-political processes that reshaped Veracruz and its borderlands. Malfavón’s work interrogates and subverts archival silences that have sought to erase Black and Afro-Mexican agency from narratives of identity and nation-state formation and seeks to diversify these narratives by foregrounding the voices, perspectives, and actions of Afro-descendants as essential political and intellectual players in Mexico’s political and social consolidation as an independent nation.

Selected Honors and Awards

2021 Lindon Barret Award in Black Studies- University of California, Riverside
2021 University Teaching Certificate- University of California, Riverside
2020-2021 Center for Ideas and Society, Global 19th Century Fellow- University of California, Riverside
2020 Chancellors Doctoral Incentive Program Dissertation Fellowship Award- CSU Office of the Chancellor
2019-2020 Huntington Library Short-term Fellow- Huntington Library
2018-2019 CSU Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program Scholar- CSU Office of the Chancellor