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History | Marina Tolmacheva

Marina Tolmacheva

Professor of History

Wilson-Short Hall 309




Ph.D., Institute of Ethnography, Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Leningrad, 1970

Academic & Professional Interests

Tolmacheva teaches Islamic civilization and Middle East history. She served as associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts (1998–2005) and director of the Asia Program (1993–2002). In 2006-2009 Tolmacheva served as President of the American University of Kuwait.


Her publications number over 130 and include The Arabic Sources of the 13th–14th Centuries for the Ethnography and History of Africa South of the Sahara (Moscow, 2002, in Arabic and Russian); The Pate Chronicle (Michigan State University Press, 1993); “The Muslim Women in Soviet Central Asia” (Central Asian Survey, 1993); “Ibn Battuta on Women’s Travel in the Dar al-Islam” (Women and the Journey, Washington State University Press, 1993), “Intercultural Transmission and Selection:  Greek Toponyms in Arab Geography,” in Tradition, Transmission, Transformation (Leiden:  Brill, 1996), and “Female Piety and Patronage in the Medieval Hajj,” in Women in the Medieval Islamic World: Power, Patronage, and Piety (St.Martin’s Press, 1998).

Washington State University