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History | Peyton

COVID-19 Update

Update regarding COVID-19

Note from the Chair:


The Department of History urges all members of its community—our students, faculty and staff—to be safe and stay safe during this unprecedented time. We are now under a State Executive Order to stay in our homes, but we are all still working toward our common goal of delivering a high-quality history education together. Our faculty worked extremely hard over the Spring Break to be ready for the process of distance learning. On March 24, 2020 they began with this new format.

Considering the difficulties that lie ahead, I would encourage everyone (students, faculty, and staff) to practice empathy and compassion toward each other. If you are a student experiencing financial difficulties, we encourage you to call the Office of the Dean of Students and inquire about its Student Emergency Fund (509) 335-5757 or There is also some need-based funding available from the provost’s office here: We also encourage you to stay in touch with your classmates and your professors–make sure you communicate with your professors. This is of utmost importance.

And for everyone: let’s continue to use social media to stay in touch with each other and to tell our stories, as we develop new ways of working and new ways of learning. Academics are consecrated storytellers, and we need to tap into that particular skill set right now to document this new reality as it unfolds.

Stay safe and be well,

Matthew A. Sutton


Click here for WSU’s COVID-19 Response – Get the latest news and updates

Student Profile: Hezekiah Willard (Senior), WSU Pullman


One word that describes me: Curious. I love to learn, and I know many, many useless fun facts because I research things I get curious about.

Most memorable experiences at WSU: Probably being a Co-Chair for the V.I.B.E.S. conference, one of the largest student-run conferences that takes months and months of preparation to bring over 100 underrepresented students to WSU to experience higher education. Through this experience, I not only developed my skills in a professional sense, but was able to make connections with students, student-leaders, faculty/staff, and administration. These memories will go with me wherever I go, and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to plan and execute this conference.

Clubs or Extracurricular Activities: Black Men Making a Difference, Black Student Union

SpongeBob character I most Identify with: Probably David Hasselhoff in the SpongeBob movie. Why would I want to be a sea creature when I could be David Hasselhoff?

Advice I would give to a prospective student: Get out of your comfort zone and get involved with something you are passionate about. There is always room for growth and opportunity, but most people are too scared to grab onto those opportunities. Getting out of my comfort zone has helped me in so many ways in school and beyond, and the connections I have made from getting involved will follow me forever.

My plans after graduation: I hope to go to graduate school to pursue a career in student affairs and hopefully one day get a job as a retention counselor for underrepresented students.

Alumni Spotlight: Dulce Kersting-Lark, M.A. in Public History 2013

History M.A. alumni, Dulce Kersting-LarkOne word that describes me: “Extrovert.” I really enjoy meeting new people and trying new things. One of the best parts of my job is all the amazing folks I get to work with

Coolest/Most Memorable Thing I Did as a Student at WSU: I participated in UREC’s “Pink Gloves Boxing” program and earned my mitts before graduating. It was a great way to stay active during a rather sedentary period of my life and provided a welcome break from reading and writing

Hobbies or Activities: I enjoy being outside with my husband and our two dogs. We love to hike, cross country ski, and fly fish. Road trips are another favorite way to spend a weekend, especially when they include stops at local breweries.

Favorite WSU History Course: Although I was only there for four semesters, I really can’t choose a favorite course. Dr. Bauman’s graduate seminar on the long Civil Rights Movement was incredibly educational. Dr. Boag’s seminar on American history from Reconstruction to present most definitely made me a better Americanist. And Dr. Spohnholz’s historiography class may be the most intellectually challenging thing I’ve ever survived.

Most  notable accomplishment:  I got a job straight out of graduate school!

Advice I would give to a prospective WSU student : There are opportunities everywhere, but you have to be your own advocate. Find those mentors who will push you and then take advantage of every chance to learn and grow that you can.

After Graduation, I… was hired as the Museum Curator for the Latah County Historical Society, located just over the state line in Moscow, Idaho. About six months later I was promoted to Executive Director, a position that it has been my honor to fill for the last six years. During that time I’ve had the chance to grow as a public historian and as a museum professional.

Favorite Historical Movie? Tombstone. It’s a cheesy, romanticized western and I can’t help but love it. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is a more recent favorite.


Student Profile: Erin Mills, WSU Global Campus


Favorite WSU History Course?: Women in the American West

Most Notable Accomplishment?:  Finishing  my bachelor’s degree while balancing my life as a wife and mother.

Advice I would give to a prospective WSU Global student:  Learning how to be a student is a job in itself, so I would advise a meticulous study schedule. This is especially important for online classes where you have the freedom to structure your own time.

If I was not a history major, I would be…: An Anthropology major!

Plans after graduation?: After I take some time off to spend with my kids, I plan continue my education and apply for graduate school.



Booth Conference Invite

We would like to congratulate ABD doctoral candidate, Ryan Booth, for the invite he received to present his abstract at the National University of Ireland in Dublin! Focusing on the history of 20th century war, the “Why Fight” conference will be on the 18th and 19th of May. Great work Ryan!

Learn more about the conference here!